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Our Sustainability Policy 2022

Being sustainable is the only way to do business

In the current state, we believe sustainability should be the only business plan and a new way of thinking needs to be adopted by all businesses. That’s why we’ve made big changes to our business operations to adapt to the finite world we live in.


We supply local allotments with our coffee waste and the rest is turned into coffee logs which are used to heat homes. All our other waste is compostable.

Our new coffee truck is off grid, using solar power as the main source and biogas to help power our coffee machine. We aim to have all our other units using renewable energy by 2023.

We are working with a local dairy farm to obtain milk in glass bottles which are given back and re-filled. We always buy dry stock in bulk and try to get most from local suppliers ensuring that the least fuel is used to transport us our goods. Our teabags are biodegradable and made in a solar powered tea factory. Our coffee is obtained via direct or fair trade.

We always encourage the use of keep cups by offering a discount to customers that use them. For those that don’t we provide compostable, biodegradable disposables made from plants, not trees.

Giving back
We plant around 20 trees every week and we are commercial participators to 1% for the planet and the Somerset wildlife trust which involves signing a legal contract to donate a % of our sales, whether or not we make a profit, to environmental causes.